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Florence Laval is a trained physiotherapist & Kobido® Facialist, specialised in the most innovative and up to date manual face massage techniques, the founder of Florence Laval Studio, which opened their doors in February 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands and in March 2022 in Paris, the creator of Facelift Holistic Experience® an unrivaled signature massage & training for professionals and a happy mother of four.


Ever since she was a child, Florence has been sensitive to touch, to the well-being of those around her, and she loved giving massages. The vocation of massage therapist was the obvious choice for her. During the 90’s, massage schools didn’t really exist and being a massage therapist wasn’t a highly regarded career choice, as a result Florence decided to become a physiotherapist.
In 1999 she opened her first practice in Belgium. She continued her studies, so as to perfect her massage techniques thanks to input from experts in the field. She first acquired the knowledge of lymphatic drainage from Dr Leduc, and went on enhance her experience with more than fifteen specialized physio techniques such as the GDS muscular chains, Mezieres (posturology) and Niromathé Method (tissular osteopathy), as well as both traditional and modern massage techniques.
A few years later, she opened her practice in the center of Paris. She specialised in physiotherapy focusing on posturology, combined with specific massages. The results she obtained showed the undeniable benefits of massages and the art of touch on the overall state of her clients health.

In 2016, family circumstances took her to The Hague in the Netherlands. As her fortieth year loomed closer, She decided it was time to follow her dreams. She gave up physiotherapy in order to focus exclusively on massage techniques.

For years, she had noticed a growing demand from patients for non-intrusive and painless rejuvenation methods, in her practice in Belgium and in Paris.
Determined to offer them the best of available cutting-edge techniques, she sought to develop her knowledge and train herself in the most innovative and most efficient manual rejuvenation face techniques. Her key objective being to constantly keep her clients looking their best whilst maintaining their original features. She followed new courses with Masters from all corners of the globe: Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Slovenia, Brazil, US, and France.

Most notably, she had the honor of being selected to be a part of the very first course which was taught in Paris in 2016-2018 by Master Dr Shogo Mochizuki himself (the 26th generation Kobido Master). She is proud to be one of the rare Kobido Facialist in Europe who studied this ancestral beauty ritual under this great Master and the first to introduce the authentic Kobido in The Netherlands.
In 2020, for the opening of her new studio in The Hague: the Florence Laval Studio , Florence used her passion and expertise to create a series of 3 Exclusive Signature Massages; the Natural Facelift (face massage), the Head Release (scalp & neck massage), the Body Release (body massage). These were shortly followed by the Slim Therapy Method (a comprehensive slimming support program)

Her Signature massages combine 4 essential values which illustrate her quest for total well-being

Trained by the greatest masters from the most prestigious houses, in the art of ancestral Japanese youth and beauty techniques, Florence and her team offer innovative treatments of a rare quality. Florence has used her 20 years experience in manual massage techniques in the conception of her 3 Signature Massages and the Slim Therapy Method. You will be treated to an extraordinary ballet of technical gestures, precise and powerful, performed with incredible efficiency and with refinement present at every moment.

Florence has found from many years of experience with her clients that sublimating ones beauty potential is impossible without restoring harmony between the body and the mind. Her signature massages combine relaxation with therapy. A combination of Eastern and Western techniques stimulate the energy flow of the body and offer a true moment of reconnection with oneself. Perfect for recharging ones batteries.

Well versed in the art of a great number of massage techniques, Florence anchors the Signature series by using the best of each technique she masters. The Studio therapists perform varying massage techniques, awaken the bone consciousness, balance the muscle chains, or use guashas or the Hinokibò. This synergy creates a massage that is incomparable and to top it all of 100% natural, non-invasive and pain free.

Florence believes that each person is unique and hence need their very own personalized cure. At the Studio, our skilled therapists begin each appointment with a personalised and in depth consultation. We listen to your main skin concerns and add our insight on problem areas that need to be targeted to tailor a treatment using the most adapted gestures and techniques. As a result, each treatment is completely personalized and adapted to each person, at every appointment.

These four treatments were integral to the identity of her studio, and to its success. They gave her recognition as an expert in wellness & holistic beauty.

After having provided her Signature massages to many clients, Florence noticed that the synergy of her body and face treatments during the same session amplified the results with the benefits of better health, posture and a glowing face & soul.

As a result: the Facelift Holistic Experience® was born !


At the same time, Florence started to train massage therapists in her studio in The Hague.

In 2022, she launched the Facelift Holistic Experience training program to share and transmit her passion and expertise to professionals, brands, spas and institutes.

Degree in Physiotherapy – Liège

Manual lymphatic drainage – Liège, O. Leduc

2ooo – 2oo1
Caycedo method of Sophrology – Bruxelles, 4th level, Dr Debelle

2oo1 – 2oo2
Perineal reeducation – Liège, L. Dabbadie

2oo3 – 2oo4
Mézières Method – Paris, AMIK

2oo5 – 2oo6 – 2oo7
Muscular Chaines – Arras, APGDS, Ph. Campignon

South African plantar reflexology – IFS
Amma chair massage – IFS

Abhyanga ayurvedic massage – Paris, Azenday
Shantala baby massage according to Ayurbeda – Paris, Azenday

Foot massage with kansu bowl – Paris, A Cros
Pregnancy massage according to Ayurveda – Paris, Azenday

Massage instructor course at school – Montpellier , MISP,
Hypopressive abdominal exercise – Paris, M. Caufriez

Niromaté method – Paris, T. Vandorme, R. Branly

2o15 – 2o16
Traditional chinese massage Tui Na An Mo – Sarzeau, T. Boutin

Slimming acupressure – Vannes, C. Salomon

2o16 – 2o17
Kobido – Paris, Dr Shogo


Deep Tissue – Paris, Biopulse
Guasha Massage – Paris, D. Langlois
Hinokibo – Paris, Bloom Classic

Sculptural Face Lifting – Paris, Y. Gershkovich


2o19 – 2o2o
Keratopraxie – Perpignan, Dr Janka (in progress)

Face massage – GDS Method – Camblain-l’Abbé – Isabelle Bestel

Face Yoga – Glowinface Yoga Method

Dien Chan Facial Reflexology

Lympathic Drainage – Shaping Massage – Miracle Face – Renata França’s Method, Paris

Facial cupping expert