Horaires de la Rentrée

The Facelift Holistic Experience is a comprehensive 90-minutes treatment created by Florence Laval, physiotherapist and facialist, to help women age naturally with elegance and grace. The synergy of selected techniques acts on different tissues: the skin, fascia, muscles, adipose tissue and bone, offering a visible transformation. It rebalances the body and face, optimizes blood and energy circulation, releases the mind, and restores radiance to the face. By using both ancient and modern methods such as Kobido and Face Sculpting, this treatment reshapes features and provides immediate rejuvenation. It is a true sensory journey that will give you a unique experience.

Before commencing facial manipulations, Florence pays special attention to the entire body, which directly impacts the face. The neck, nape, skull, décolleté, and back are massaged and manipulated with the aim of improving the posture of the upper body and face. This process prepares the face to fully receive the benefits of the treatment and ensures remarkable results.

The Facelift Holistic Experience aims to rebalance the body and face, optimize blood, lymphatic, and energetic circulation, as well as release the mind. By utilizing techniques such as kobido and facial reflexology, this treatment has a direct impact on the body and organs, releasing blocked emotions that manifest on our face. This holistic approach allows for improved health, the release of tension and fatigue, a radiant complexion, reshaping of features, and immediate rejuvenation. Moreover, with regular practice, these benefits become long-lasting.

The rediscovered inner balance radiates through the face, as beauty is a reflection of optimal health. This comprehensive treatment combines facial and body massage techniques, drawing inspiration from both ancient and modern methods such as kobido, face sculpting, fascia work, tuina, Ayurveda, lymphatic drainage, Dien Chan, muscle chains, intraoral massage, gua sha, cupping, and facial yoga.

Each experience is personalized based on the prior analysis of the face, tensions in the back, neck, head, breathing, and client’s posture.

The Facelift Holistic Experience offers a true sensory journey and provides immediate results such as a natural facelift accompanied by deep relaxation. It is a unique, comprehensive, and beneficial experience for overall well-being.