Child-Teenager Massage

This Massage is recommended for children aged 6 yrs old and upwards. Prior to this age, I recommend that you try the parent-child or baby workshops which teach you massage techniques for toddlers and babies. From aged 6, children can enjoy this relaxing massage of 30 or 45 minutes which is performed with the utmost care. Mom or Dad can, are of ourse welcome to watch the massage.

The massage will be adapted according to the age of the child. The session always begins with an exchange with the children to explain the techniques that will be used and how the massage will be performed.

The massage has multiple benefits including : increasing the body awareness, relaxing muscles, reducing pain, stimulating the lymphatic, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It also promotes sleep, lowers stress levels by blocking cortisol and stimulating oxytocyne, the well-being hormone.

This relaxing child-teen massage is strongly recommended in periods of stress, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, stomach aches, muscle tension… Developed for them, this massage will allow them to learn to relax and to feel good mentally and physically.