Sport Massage

The objective of the Sports Massage is to alleviate persistent muscle shortenings and restore the muscle’s natural mechanical function as well as to loosen adhesions that cause pain or limit movement. This massage acts on both the muscles and fascias. The massage is performed using the entire surface of the hand, the forearms and the elbows and combines different techniques: myo-facial release, effleurages, vibrations, frictions, percussions, deep tissue techniques, trigger points, drainage et stretching.

Initially, a consultation with the therapist defines the areas to be treated (max 3). Two types of treatment are available (30-minute session: 1 zone or 1-hour session: 2 to 3 zones ). This is a vigorous massage that can be painful and may leave you feeling extremely fatigued after the session. This is a result of the body’s recovery and elimination process. It is important to take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluids after the massage.

The Sports Massage is recommended after a sporting effort and during the training period, for people suffering from chronic tension or for anyone who would like to regain increased flexibility and mobility. For recovery after injuries, the Sports Massage helps break up the newly formed healing tissue that can make the recovery process more difficult and lead to stiffness.

This massage is not recommended 72 hours prior to a sporting event.

Frequency: 1x per week until the pain disappears then 1x per month for prevention.